Best keywords

The best keywords...

* are specific to your theme. If your site is about "Anguilla," then "Anguilla villas" and "Anguilla hotels" and even "best Caribbean islands" are specific.

* have a high "Value Demand." The more surfers search for a keyword, and the greater its "monetizability" (i.e., the more commercial in nature), the better! The Master Keyword List ("MKL") part of Brainstorm It! provides the Value Demand for each keyword. This combination of search demand and monetizability delivers a more useful value than search demand alone. More info here (opens new window))

* have a low "Real Supply." In other words, not too many other Web pages are seriously about that keyword (the fewer, the better). MKL uses a more sophisticated way to measure Supply than any other keyword research tool in the world. It calls this competitive supply "Real Supply." More info here (opens new window)

The higher the Value Demand and the lower the Real Supply, the higher is a Specific Keyword's profit potential ("Profitability").

We cover all this during DAYS 1-5 in the Action Guide -- this is just a "keyword primer."


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